Rosebud Growers started in 2016, it is a family owned and operated LLC with over 35 years combined experience in cannabis cultivation and over 8 years experience in providing medical patients a medicine that helps their pain and gives them a better quality of life under the Oregon State program OMMP. 

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Our Mission

Take our passion and knowledge to provide the State of Oregon with a great product that the public can safely consume and enjoy. We strive to be an industry leader and establish a higher standard of marijuana product in the newly formulated market. We learn and work with the OLCC to maintain state and city regulations so that we can continue to produce recreational cannabis for many years to come.

We truly take pride and enjoy what we do and that shows in our product. Our goal is to create a brand that Oregon consumers grow to love and seek out. We intend to expand to provide our cultivation services and quality cannabis recreational products, though out the State of Oregon